Energize Delaware & Crawl Space Rebate Savings 

Nick Luzak


What is Energize Delaware?

Energize Delaware’s Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® program takes a whole-house approach to improving your home’s comfort, energy efficiency, durability, and safety. Rather than focusing on a single problem, such as an inefficient heating & cooling system or drafty windows, the program looks at improvements to make your entire home more comfortable, energy efficient and save you money. At no cost to Delaware taxpayers, Energize Delaware is a self-funded, non-profit initiative.

How does the program work?

Things can change and be more complex depending on the contractor that you work with, but at Seaside Crawl Space, we try to make everything as easy as possible!

Different scopes of work may qualify for different rebate incentives which will be shown on the pricing for that specific scope of work. Instead of having you wait 3-4 months for the rebates, we will give you those savings upfront and we will wait for it. For example, if your crawl space project comes to a total of $12,000 and qualifies for a $4,000 rebate, your total investment is only $8,000!

Step 1: Once everything is finalized and we are ready to schedule the work, we will schedule the required energy audit with you directly. No need to go find someone to do it. We typically include the audit so if you’ve had one done on your home before, please let us know and we may be able to skip this step!

Step 2: Typically, before we start the work, the initial energy audit will be completed.

Step 3: We come in and give your crawl space the lovin’ that it needs!

Step 4: Once we have completed transforming your crawl space, we will schedule the “test out” audit to confirm our installed rebate measures.

That’s it, you just saved a bunch of money! We will handle all the dreaded paperwork! Representatives from Energize Delaware may reach out to see if they can look at the work that was done or may just ask you a few questions over the phone about your experience with everything.

What is an Energy Audit?

Think of it as a checkup at the doctor for your home. The energy audit that we have completed on your home is a whole home assessment of your current efficiency and energy usage. They will look at everything from the crawl space to the attic to make recommendations on where you could save energy and lower your bills.

A blower door test will be performed to measure the air tightness of your home. This is neat because if you go around your home and feel around windows, electrical outlets, tubs, and things alike, you can physically feel where the air leaks and energy losses are!

If you have comfort issues in your home like a room that is too hot or a drafty area, the energy auditor is the one to tell so they can dive into it and see what is causing the discomfort. As an added perk, if you have inefficient light bulbs, they will replace up to 30 of them with efficient LED bulbs!

Depending on the size, complexity and accessibility of your home, an energy audit could take anywhere between 1.5 – 3 hours.

What is the test out audit?

Once we have completed our work, we need to have everything verified to submit. A second blower door test will also be completed to see how much more airtight we made your home by sealing your crawl space. That’s right, our air sealing is measured and that is a big part of the rebate that we discount in most of our jobs, so you can rest assured that your crawl space will be sealed very well!

The test out audit does not take much of your time and can often be done in about 45 minutes or less.

How much can I save with Energize Delaware?

Most of our HD-C crawl space systems qualify for rebates of $3,100 up to $4,000. Even if we just need to install a dehumidifier, we can save you $500. If it qualifies, we will ensure to offer you the savings!

Active-duty military, veterans, and active first responders can qualify for additional rebate incentives. Be sure to let us know if you qualify!

Aside from the work we do on your crawl space, the energy audit is valid for 5 years and you can qualify for other rebates on things like HVAC equipment, water heaters, attic insulation and more! Not just any company can offer rebates though, they must be a participating contractor.

You can check out all of the rebates and incentive amounts by clicking here.

For more information on Energize Delaware, please contact us or visit their website.