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Stop the spread of mold in your crawl space today. Call us at (302) 248-1022 for the most efficient mold removal procedure.

Mold thrives in dark places with lots of moisture.

A crawl space with high humidity levels is the perfect mold breeding environment. The presence of mold in your crawl space is not a problem to sweep under the rug. Scientific research has linked consistent exposure to mold to health problems such as headaches, respiratory difficulties, and gastrointestinal diseases. Additionally, visible mold growth in your crawl space may signify hidden water damage, which may harm your home’s structural integrity. Therefore, it’s best to hire a mold removal company to evaluate the problem and solve it.
As one of the leading crawl space companies in Lewes, Delaware and all of Sussex and Kent County we offer effective mold removal services to our clients at Seaside Environmental. We also offer solutions to keep your crawl space dry and ensure the mold doesn’t repopulate. Call us for inspections today.

Mold Growing on baseboards in crawl space

What Are the Top Signs of Actionable Mold Growth?

Some of the top signs of moisture issues that could cause mold include the following:

  • Musty smell in the home when windows are closed
  • Buckled or warped floorboards
  • Damp and smelly wall paint or wallpapers
  • Visible mold colonies

If you notice any of these signs, book a consultation with us as quickly as possible.

The Seaside Environmental Approach to Mold Removal

When you call us for mold removal in your home, we first come down for a visual inspection. Every mold colony requires bespoke attention. Therefore, our visual inspection will include tests to determine the best way to break down the mold spores. By using solutions that kill and break down mold spores, we ensure you don’t have to throw out your belongings to curb mold growth. We also don’t need to use highly intrusive approaches such as demolishing walls or tearing up floorboards. At the end of the removal process, we’ll recommend approaches for crawl space insulation and repair and crawl space encapsulation.

Reliable Mold Removal Services You Can Trust

Our certified mold remediation professionals at Seaside Environmental have the right level of experience to clear out mold from your crawl space. We’ve helped many homeowners in the Kent and Sussex areas to improve the indoor air quality in their homes, and we can help you too. Call us today at (302) 569-2500 to book an appointment. Don’t forget to ask us how you could qualify for rebates up to $4,000!

In Need of Crawl Space Services?

Are you a resident of Sussex and Kent Counties and nearby areas in need of crawl space waterproofing services? Contact us today at (302) 569-2500 for your free consultation. Let us provide you with the best solutions for waterproofing your crawl spaces.

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