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What Is Crawl Space Encapsulation?

Unkempt crawl spaces can negatively impact the indoor air quality in your home. On average, about 40% of the air in your home comes up through the crawl space, you need to keep this part of your home clean and dry at all times. Without crawl space encapsulation, these contaminants can spread freely across your home. At Seaside Environmental, we help Sussex and Kent County residents take control of their home’s indoor air quality with our expert crawl space encapsulation service. We install vapor barriers, dehumidifiers, and other solutions to moisture-induced problems.

Crawl space encapsulation involves multiple steps and practices to seal your crawl space to help ensure a healthy and dry environment. We use thick and durable vapor barriers to give you the best protection for your crawl space.

Fully covered Crawl space

Advantages of Crawl Space Encapsulation

  • Improved living conditions. Our approach helps to make your home more comfortable.
  • Better indoor air quality. Encapsulation reduces the probability of mold growth and keeps allergens from spreading upstairs.
  • Improved energy efficiency. Crawl space encapsulation can reduce your energy usage for heating and cooling by up to 20%.
  • Reduced pest problems. While we’re not a pest control company, most pests do not like a clean and dry environment.
  • Additional storage space. Encapsulated crawl spaces can provide extra storage space in your home.
  • Protect your mechanical equipment. With a dry, properly insulated area, your mechanical equipment is no longer exposed to moisture which can cause damage and rust.
  • No freezing pipes. With a properly insulated crawl space, freezing pipes is a thing of the past.

Why Choose Us for Your Crawl Space Waterproofing Project?

At Seaside Environmental, we have over 65 years of experience on our team of designing, installing and managing encapsulated crawl spaces. Crawl spaces are all what we do all day, every day. Our owner, Nick, is a Building Performance Institute certified Building Analyst who has been in the crawl space industry since he was 13 years old. Unlike other companies, we do not just take a moisture control approach – we take a whole home performance approach to our encapsulations which makes your home more energy efficient. This is why we are one of the few, if not the only, crawl space encapsulation companies in Delaware to offer up to $4,000 in rebates.

No need to worry about high pressure sales, we want to make sure you’re getting exactly what you need for your specific crawl space. In most cases, we can come up with a couple options based on your needs and budget.

Crawl Space Vapor Barrier You Can Trust

Let us help you seal your crawl space with an encapsulation solution that will prevent moisture for years to come – most of our vapor barriers come with a 25 year warranty! Call Seaside Environmental at (302) 569-2500 to book your free crawl space encapsulation consultation today. Don’t forget to ask us how you can qualify for up to $4,000 in rebates!

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In Need of Crawl Space Services?

Are you a resident of Sussex and Kent Counties and nearby areas in need of crawl space waterproofing services? Contact us today at (302) 569-2500 for your free consultation. Let us provide you with the best solutions for waterproofing your crawl spaces.

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